July 8

Meet our Hunt Fitness Legend Begonya 51, who is from Leighton Buzzard

Begonya has taken control of her health, changed her body shape and gained confidence over the last 2 years with us at Hunt Fitness.

Before starting with us at Hunt Fitness, Begonya was struggling with her health and fitness due to suffering with endometriosis. She had been to numerous commercial gyms and felt quite isolated, like she didn’t belong and never really knew what she should be doing. This led her to be demotivated until she found us at Hunt Fitness.

Fast forward 2 years and Begonya has exponentially improved her strength and fitness. She really enjoys coming down to our Small Group Personal Training sessions for her ME time, she feels supported and always has a good time.

Begonya’s journey has been amazing! To witness the fantastic mental and physical changes she has had is incredible. Keep up the amazing work Begonya – you are smashing it!

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