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Unlock Exclusive Rewards by Referring Friends!

Program Overview

At Hunt Fitness, we believe in rewarding loyalty. Our Referral Program is your chance to earn exciting rewards while spreading the love for our products & services.

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How it Works

  1. 1
    Sign your friend up by entering your friend’s details OR you can share our Referral Card found in the studio with your friends, family and colleagues.
  2. 2
    They Sign Up for a Membership with us: When your referrals sign up - you both win! Them with awesome training and you with rewards! 
  3. 3
    You Earn Rewards: Enjoy exclusive rewards for each successful referral!

Exclusive Rewards

Earn rewards like:

  • Tier 1 (1 Referral): 33% money back on one month's membership
  • Tier 2 (2 Referrals): 66% money back on one month's membership
  • Tier 3 (3 Referrals): 100% money back on one month's membership!
  • Tier 4 (4+ Referrals): Personalised gift
  • Terms & Conditions Apply

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Enter your friend's details below (obviously ask them first!) and we’ll give them a call to find out more about them and their goals and see if we can support them! 

Not only are you working towards a healthier, stronger, and more confident you - you're inspiring and motivating others too - now that is AWESOME! 

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