April 8

Meet our Hunt Fitness legend Alison, 59 who is from Wingrave

Alison joined us back in 2019, so has been a member over 5 years now.

“It’s changed the way I workout, it’s changed my shape and I actually enjoy coming – it’s not a chore”

As a regular gym goer most of her life Alison knew that commitment wasn’t going to be an issue however it was always something she did but never really enjoyed.
Since coming to Hunt Fitness, Alison has changed her body shape, been on a number super active holidays trekking and other incredible activities.

The reason that she comes to Hunt Fitness is to support her health and wellness to be able to do all things she wishes to do in her day to day life and also to bulletproof her body as much as possible as she ages.

Alison is incredibly inspirational and very strong and we are so glad that she is a huge part of the Hunt Fitness community and now actually enjoys coming to the gym!

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