May 9

Meet our Hunt Fitness Legend Claire 52, who is from Leighton Buzzard

Claire joined us back in March 2022, so has been a member over 2 years!

Before she started with us she was told she was never to run again and now she’s running 5km quite regularly.

Claire can now lift heavier weights than she ever thought was possible. Initially when she started she was quite afraid to lift weights as she had a back injury. So we have worked closely with her to gain more confidence, understand her body and the back injury in order to build strength and move better. Since working with us she hasn’t had any significant back pain which is amazing!

Claire is a massive part of our community, always encouraging and motivating others. She loves all the other members as we have lots and lots of fun in our workouts!

Claire’s journey has been absolutely amazing and it has been a pleasure to play a part in getting her feeling fitter, stronger and healthier after having a back injury. Keep up the great work Claire!

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