April 16

Meet our Hunt Fitness legend Steve, 53 who is from Leighton Buzzard

Steve joined us in June of 2021.
Before Steve joined us at Hunt Fitness he made it up as he went along and just used the equipment that was free in the gym at the time and therefore wasn’t seeing the results that he wanted.
Since joining Hunt Fitness, Steve loves how all he has to do is book his sessions in and get here and he knows that his health and fitness is taken care of by our team of professional coaches in a safe and supportive environment.
He feel so much better after a session knowing that the sessions are designed to be results-focussed and enjoyable. Not only that, the community are so supportive and its enabled Steve to say YES to more things that he wants to do in his life such as more charity events.
Steve you are an inspiration and a BIG part of our community here at Hunt Fitness.

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